Link Previews For Your Sites

Add some bling to your sites!

Within minutes, your site can show off previews for links to other sites and to your own pages. As a user's mouse hovers over the link, a preview of the page is shown.

All you do is sign up for our service, add a few lines of html to your web pages and you're all set. We do all the hard work, like getting the images, updating them at regular intervals and of course, serving them to your site visitors.

Find out all the details below. Sign up for our free 14-day demo right now.

About Link Previews

Link Previews is a service created by Softel vdm, Inc. It's super-easy to use - you just need to add a few lines of html (that we provide) to your website. We take care of the rest.

Some Examples

Just hover over the link with your mouse cursor to see the Link Preview. Or click the small icon next to the link that is (optionally) automatically added to see the Link Preview:
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How To Add Link Previews To Your Site

What You Need

First, you'll need to subscribe to our service. We recommend the free 14-day DEMO (see below). Start out with a free account. You can upgrade the demo later once you decide you love our service.

Adding Link Previews

At the end of your page(s), you will add a snippet of Javascript. Below is an example. When you sign up for the free demo or purchase the product, you will get an account with its unique code snippet (you can't use this sample shown here).

<!-- CSS and Javascript for Link Previews -->
<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='//' />
<script type='text/javascript' src='//' defer></script>

<script type='text/javascript'>
    function Softelvdm_LinkPreview_onLoadComplete() {
            'Site Preview - {0}',
            1, 'linkpreview-show', 'linkpreview-nolearn', 200, 1000, 
            1, 'Click to see a preview of {0}');

Add CSS Class To Your Links

Then you can update your site and add the CSS class linkpreview-show to each <a> tag (the links) where you want a Link Preview to be shown.

<a href="" class="linkpreview-show"></a>

The first time you hover over it, our service "learns" that your site requests this Link Preview. The preview is most likely not yet available, but it is generated and usually will appear within 24 hours, often within minutes. Once it's generated, the preview will always be available for your site as long as you have a subscription to our service. Our service also continually creates updated previews at regular intervals.

The data-title attribute can be used to override the text shown as part of the Link Preview. Use {0} to substitute the Url. The title attribute should not be used as it interferes with the Link Preview display.

<a href="" class="linkpreview-show" data-title="Visit {0}"></a>


That's it! If you have any questions, just send us an email at (email) or fill out the form on our Contact page.

Link Previews
Link Previews for Your Websites
Published by Softel vdm, Inc. - 12/06/2015

Impress visitors to your site with previews for all your links. Add a simple piece of html to your webpages in minutes, and we'll handle the rest. Previews are generated automatically for you and served from our server.

Select one of the many available subscriptions or start out with the free 14-day demo today!

Subscriptions are only limited by the number of preview images (not links) offered, so the same preview image can be used by many links on the same site. There is a maximum number of images with each subscription that can be stored on our servers for your site. The number of links that use them on your site or the number of times visitors to your site see the Link Preview is not limited. Of course, should you ever need more preview images, you can upgrade your subscription anytime. We'll prorate your current subscription accordingly.

LinksWithPics Subscriptions
14-day DEMO for one site with up to 10 preview images
50 Images - 6 Months
50 preview images for one site (6 months)
$ 49.99
200 Images - 6 Months
200 preview images for one site (6 months)
$ 79.99
50 Images - 12 Months
50 preview images for one site (12 months)
$ 89.99
200 Images - 12 Months
200 preview images for one site (12 months)
$ 129.99
1000 Images - 12 Months
1000 preview images for one site (12 months)
$ 499.00


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